Concept Art, Production Design, Set Construction & Model Making

For Television, Film & Commercials

Sets, Models and Props.

Clockwork Frog Films are a specialist design and build company serving the film, television, advertising and exhibition industries.

Our Manchester based production facility is capable of servicing all areas of the UK.

Expert Artistry & Fabrication

Our award winning Production Design and fabrication can be seen on many broadcast projects.

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Clockwork Frog Services

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Concept Art

Character Design

We create Concept Art, Mood Boards, Character Designs, Production Bibles and Pitch Books.

  • Concept art

  • Character design

  • Environment art

  • Colour Palette creation

  • Colour Branding

Production Design, Sitting room, animation design

Production Design

and Fabrication

Our collaborative ethos ensures clients get the most from our award winning Production Design services.

Scale Architectural & Construction Drawings, White Models, Maquettes and Proof of Concept Prototypes enable us to meet and exceed client expectations.

  • Specialist Animation Construction

  • CNC Machining 

  • Hot Wire Poly Cutting and Carving

  • Laser Cutting

  • Steel and Aluminium Fabrication

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Expert Model Makers

Animation Sets & Props

We combine traditional artisan handcraft techniques with the very latest CNC and computer  technologies to produce intricately detailed scale miniatures, sprawling 'bigatures', functioning physical effect models and props and every last detail to populate your imagined world.

  • Architectural Models

  • Scenic Paintings and Backgrounds

  • Hand Puppets

  • Film Sets and Props

  • vehicle modification props

Our Completed Projects

What People Say



His designs had exactly the right character, he had the practical ability to build and design, his attention to detail was fantastic.


From his first drawings right through to the amazing sets he and his team built, I was constantly blown away.


An incredibly skilled and creative Production Designer / Art Director, with all the team leadership and practical skills to deliver outstanding results.



Every client has different needs and we work hard to match them  with the work we produce.  Our years of experience and expertise ensure that we always exceed client's expectations and deliver on time and on budget.

No project is too big or too small.

We pride ourselves on our realistic approach to estimating, budgeting and scheduling. Our  collaborative and flexible project planning means we can be highly adaptive and reactive to the ever-changing needs of any particular project. 


Clockwork Frog Films organises all of the crewing requirements and logistical challenges and keeps clients informed at every step of the process.